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Clean Plate Club

Our friends and food bloggers are serving up clean, organic food so delicious you'll clean your plate every time. We're sharing their words of wisdom and delicious recipes featuring Stonyfield Organic yogurt – from creative appetizers to quick meals to baked goods – all in one place. Fun, fresh, simple and organic – grab a seat at our table and share the joys of cooking with the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club! If you're interested in joining us, click here to apply.

Addie Martin's photo

Addie Martin

Living deliberately via epicurean delights.
Amelia Winslow's photo

Amelia Winslow

Rainbow sprinkle-loving nutritionist, mom, and California girl
Amy Kritzer's photo

Amy Kritzer

Amy creates modern twists on traditional Jewish recipes for all religions to enjoy!
Angie Barrett's photo

Angie Barrett

Recipes, Travel and Crafts!
Ann Fulton's photo

Ann Fulton

Classic, comforting foods with a modern, healthy twist.
April Aceto's photo

April Aceto

World traveler. Photographer. Fitness fanatic. Now food blogger.
Ashley Covelli's photo

Ashley Covelli

Food writer, recipe developer, photographer and mommy. Always ready for another cup of coffee!
Bethany DiCarlo's photo

Bethany DiCarlo

Athletic Avocado is dedicated to people like you who want to eat healthfully but don’t want to sacrifice taste!
Brandi Evans's photo

Brandi Evans

Self taught baking fanatic
Carrie Vibert's photo

Carrie Vibert

Combining rhyme with reason for taste bud pleasing
Christine Pittman's photo

Christine Pittman

Christine does it all simply, freshly and from her funny bone.
Courtney Fisk's photo

Courtney Fisk

Simple City Life is green living family friendly blog. Come join the conversation, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile.
Dawn Klinghoffer's photo

Dawn Klinghoffer

Foodie Mom making healthy and fun food that the entire family can enjoy!
Denise Sawyer's photo

Denise Sawyer

Making wholesome food from scratch, simple
Dianna Muscari's photo

Dianna Muscari

In a perfect world, I'd always be clothed in Lilly & covered in flour. The rest is really just details.
Emily Roach's photo

Emily Roach

A Mom making time to cook real food
Erica Sorkin's photo

Erica Sorkin

Healthy Food, Fitness & Family
Erin Sellin's photo

Erin Sellin

Quick and easy every day food
Erin Fairchild's photo

Erin Fairchild

A healthy living blogger that believes food that's good for you should taste good too!
Evan Thomas's photo

Evan Thomas

An always curious at-home cook serving up gluten-free and vegetarian dishes
Farihah Ali's photo

Farihah Ali

A love of food, pure and simple, is the motivation behind Spice's Bites.
Gerry Speirs's photo

Gerry Speirs

A stay-at-home dad with a passion for good, simple food!
Heather Shugarman's photo

Heather Shugarman

Making One Healthy Decision at a Time
Jessica Formicola's photo

Jessica Formicola

Ideas for every cook and occasion
Jessica Loizzo's photo

Jessica Loizzo

Creating simple everyday recipes from comfort food to healthy salads, but always leaving room for dessert
Jessica Reddick Gatlin's photo

Jessica Reddick Gatlin

Marketing Director by Day, Baker by Night, TCU Horned Frog year-round
Jodi Hubner's photo

Jodi Hubner

Mom. Wife. Writer for food and lifestyle blog.
Julia Jolliff's photo

Julia Jolliff

Inspiring the busy cook through easy, healthy, seasonal & local recipes with a little mix of Mediterranean flavor.
Julie Grice's photo

Julie Grice

Food Storage, Canning and Using Your Preserves
Kathy Penney's photo

Kathy Penney

Making DIY, Dinner, and Memories.
Katie Jasiewicz's photo

Katie Jasiewicz

Easy everyday recipes for the home cook
Katie Moseman's photo

Katie Moseman

Searching for perfection, one taste at a time!
Kim Lam's photo

Kim Lam

Mom of 2 shares journey of creativity in the kitchen
Lauren Kelly's photo

Lauren Kelly

Lauren Kelly is a cookbook author, nutritionist and a recipe developer with a passion for living a healthy and balanced life.
Leslie Brinkley's photo

Leslie Brinkley

Healthy Living in Philadelphia
Liz Della Croce's photo

Liz Della Croce

New mom turning healthy food into delicious food.
Lori Alper's photo

Lori Alper

Groovy green guru, organic believer, mom of 3
Lynda McMillen's photo

Lynda McMillen

Me and my pink mixer.
Lynn Chen's photo

Lynn Chen

Actress. Blogger. Activist
Maria Siriano's photo

Maria Siriano

From-scratch dessert recipes
Marnely Rodriguez-Murray's photo

Marnely Rodriguez-Murray

Baker by profession, Social Media junkie by default. 
Mary Voogt's photo

Mary Voogt

Mary Voogt uses real food to create family-friendly and allergy-friendly meals and treats.
Michelle Palin's photo

Michelle Palin

Easy gluten-free meals and desserts
Nancy Piran's photo

Nancy Piran

Wife to an Italian, mother to a handful of kids. I like to cook and bake. Let's see what we can create! Let's eat!!
Nicki Bradley's photo

Nicki Bradley

Recipe creating, playroom designing, yoga mom!
Nicole Nared's photo

Nicole Nared

A City Girl Making Cooking Look Sexy
Nicole's photo


Just your average food obsessed gal. Always thinking about the next tasty bite!
Samantha Schultz's photo

Samantha Schultz

Jill-of-all-trades with a zest for life and heart for people
Sarah Bates's photo

Sarah Bates

Sharing favorite recipes and cooking simple, good food for all to enjoy!
Scarlett Bendixen's photo

Scarlett Bendixen

I love creating a variety of easy family friendly recipes that everyone can enjoy!
Shaina Wizov's photo

Shaina Wizov

South Florida foodie guide to adventures in and out of the kitchen
Shari Sacchi's photo

Shari Sacchi

Eating well. Laugh often. Live fully. Surf always
Sheila Johnson's photo

Sheila Johnson

The pursuit of food, family, and fun
 Sonali Ruder's photo

Sonali Ruder

ER doctor, mom, chef, cookbook author and “board certified” foodie
Stacy Brooks's photo

Stacy Brooks

Seasonal recipes and from-scratch baking from a mostly-vegetarian Minnesota kitchen
Stephanie Suire's photo

Stephanie Suire

One hoopy frood who really knows where their towel is.
Taylor Ellingson's photo

Taylor Ellingson

Healthy cook sprinkled with chocolate
Theresa Greco's photo

Theresa Greco

It's all about Finding, Making & Eating Whole Healthy Foods
Terri Truscello Miller's photo

Terri Truscello Miller

Pastry Chef and Mom serving up something delicious!
Trina O'Boyle's photo

Trina O'Boyle

Mother, wife, organic-crazed & lover of wine
Valerie Deneen's photo

Valerie Deneen

Frugal mom of two with a creative spirit and gift for family crafting.
Wendy Wofford-Garcia's photo

Wendy Wofford-Garcia

Life's too short to eat bad food!

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