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Stonyfield Kristina

Kristina is the Communications Manager at Stonyfield. She’s a late twenties professional trying hard to live a life of balance. She’s a vegetarian, and LOVES trying and cooking new food. Throughout the last couple of years she’s been inspired to change her past college-esque ways of eating – a plethora of white pasta and frozen veggie burgers – and tries hard to eat as organically and colorfully as possible. With all of that said – her main goal (similar to those of the 30 + Clean Plate Club members she works with) is to get to know food well, and to celebrate it with the ones she loves. She thinks good food (organically grown, ethically raised, locally sourced) should be celebrated, just as it was when our parents grew up around the family, farm or community table. She’s on a mission to find and create that in today’s world – while incorporating and balancing everything else. She hopes you’ll enjoy her journey, looks forward to hearing about yours too!

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