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Sheila Hill

Sheila Hill left a career as a jet-setting software consultant to pursue her love of writing while raising her two young daughters. Out of her experiences in motherhood and her passion for writing, her personal blog, Pieces of a Mom was born. At Pieces of a Mom, Sheila shares her trials and tribulations of parenting two very spirited girls. In addition to offering parental advice, Sheila shares recipes and tips for healthy eating, fashion tips, her top picks for the latest hot products, and her photography.As a passionate foodie, Sheila can also be found sampling the New Jersey food scene and sharing it with readers at Jersey Bites. Lastly, she doles out friendly parenting advice and tips at Meridian Momtourage. A pathological picture taker, Sheila can usually be found behind the camera in her spare time. Check out Sheila at Pieces of a Mom and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.