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Mary Jo Minarich

I'm a wife, Mom of 2 and Grandmother of 2 BEAUTIFUL boys. I am a runner, an RRCA certified running coach and all-around health nut from Illinois. I like to share stories about life, family, food and fitness on my blog Run and Smile. I started running at age 45 mostly to lose weight. But after my first 5K I was hooked on the sport and can't imagine my life without it. Now while running in my 50's, I can now say I am 30 pounds lighter and a 2-time marathoner. I am very lucky to be married to another runner. Our newest adventure is running a half marathon in every state. I am hoping to show that it is possible to have a strong body as we age. And anyone can do it. All it takes is a little movement and good food choice to achieve the healthy body you want. Follow my blog at Run and Smile or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.