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Kim Lam

Thien-Kim Lam hated yogurt until her first pregnancy when her OB-GYN guilted her into adding more calcium in her diet. Frequently found burning the midnight oil with a mug of coffee and cup of Stonyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt as a midnight snack, she sneaks in her blogging time after her two young children are in bed. Read more about her Top Chef obsession as well as the fun food and crafts she does with her kids at Cup of Creativi-Tea. Her multicultural parenting musings, tech addiction, and work at home mom tips can be found at I'm Not the Nanny. Somewhere in between her kids, her husband, and her blogs, she manages to squeeze in some art, some books, and long hot bubble baths. Thien-Kim posts regularly at Cup of Creativi-Tea and I'm Not the Nanny and on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.