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Katrina Villegas

Katrina Villegas is a former process engineer and high school chemistry teacher. She is now taking some time off and enjoying being a new mama. In her new career as a stay at home mom, she is enjoying every new experience and loving every minute of it. Because she is scientist and engineer, it should come as no surprise she did her fair share of research before her baby arrived. She fell upon the Babywise and Baby Whisperer theories and knew immediately that it was a good fit for her family. So, she is organizing her chaos one baby step at a time and blogging about every success (along with all of the trials and errors along the way). She is a mama that uses schedules and sleep training, but also cloth diapers, makes her own baby food and breastfeeds. Head to Mama's Organized Chaos to see everything from her baby's schedules to her fertility journey and more! You can also follow her on Facebook

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