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Dr. Tanya Altmann, MD, FAAP

Dr. Tanya is a pediatrician, best-selling author and mom of three. She is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and is the Chief Medical Advisor for the Newborn Channel. After 14 years in a busy group pediatric practice, Dr. Tanya founded Calabasas Pediatrics, a concierge practice providing innovative and personalized pediatric health care with an emphasis on nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine. She loves being able to spend more time with her patients and be available to them after hours and on weekends, when they often need her most. Dr. Tanya is an expert on baby and child nutrition and is the author of What to Feed Your Baby.


Baby and Child Nutrition

Developing Healthy Eating Habits Early

Understanding Probiotics for Tiny Tummies

The Basics of Probiotics for Baby and Children

Tiny Tummies: First Foods and Understanding Baby’s Gut Health Infographic

Recommendations from Pediatrician and Stonyfield’s Baby Nutrition Expert Dr. Tanya Altmann.

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It's that time of year! Best way to keep your family healthy is to make sure everyone is eating plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, getting enough sleep, washing their hands frequently, taking daily probiotics (or eating yogurt with live active cultures and probiotics), taking vitamin D, and last but definitely not way to keep flu out of your home and body...Flu Shot! #flu #healthychildren #organic #nutritioninthekitchen #WhattoFeedYourBaby @stonyfield @evivohealth @calabasaspeds

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Another fabulous #redcarpetsafety event. Taking #carseatsafety #food safety #skincare #infantnutrition #WhattoFeedYourBaby @alilandry @jillsimonian @safekidsworldwide @tinyhumanfood See you all again next year! And remember to get your car seats checked @totsquad eat #organic @tinyhumanfood @stonyfield

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As much fun as I had at #AAP17 @evivohealth and @stonyfield signing books #babyandtoddlerbasics and learning about #organic #nutrition #probiotics #organicfarming #yogurt coming home this my own #yobaby and his new #cow was the best!

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Amazing day @stonyfield learning what goes into organic farming and production. The best food does start with organic ingredients grown and made with care. Yo Baby yogurt isn't simply adult yogurt with a different label. Yo Baby is made differently to ensure the highest quality organic ingredients and nutrition for a baby's growing brain and body. And did you know they use plant based plastic containers? How environmentally friendly that!?! Also now with less sugar and added probiotics. Simply delicious (for all ages)! #WhattoFeedYourBaby #yogurt #organic #organicyogurt #infant #probiotics #newhampshire #dairy #cows

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So fun today signing books #AAP17 #babyandtoddlerbasics But most fun meeting my super cute #tinyhuman fans #adorablebabies #healthychildren #babyandtoddler

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At Chicago #AAP17 Join me tomorrow for an advanced copy of my latest book, #BabyandToddlerBasics #childhealth #baby #pediatrics @stonyfield @calabasaspeds

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A yogurt hack for all ages on our ever hot #losangeles days. #probiotics #proteinsnack @stonyfield #schoolsnacks #WhattoFeedYourBaby #nutritioninthekitchen #workingmom #nutrition #spon

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